Feminism: the Curse of the Modernist Churches

Women don't respect or want to follow wimpy men who lack leadership qualities and assertiveness. The "girly-men" never succeed in business and they don't succeed as leaders in the church either. In the military in order for women to succeed on the battle field they have to abandon all feminine traits and become aggressive and assertive and able to lead strong-willed warrior men into battle. Too many mistake meekness for weakness of spirit. When women lead out the real men walk out. Now the women go around hugging any man that comes their way thinking that this is what the bible advocates. Married men hugging married women that aren't their wives with a familiarity that is an affront to all modesty. The apostles would have a seizure if they were to see the forwardness of the evangelical Protestant women today as they go around hugging and giving a "holy kiss" to so many men. No one is shocked by this behavior because of the decadence of today's feminist society.

There is a reason that the Dutch Reformed Presbyterians don't allow women to be teachers in mixed classes and to be pastors of congregations. They don't want to repeat the mistakes of the United Church of Christ and the other liberal denominations where I used to be a member that have been taken over by the effeminate leadership of these denominations where the ministers and administers are high-paid compromisers of truth and doctrine and allow anyone to be a member and never censure anyone for lifestyle or doctrine. True godly women want to be lead by manly Christian men and that is the fact of life whether the feminists want to admit if or not. Becoming a Christian does not invert the basis of human nature. Only in the decadent pseudo-intellectualism of decadent western culture that is sliding into chaos can feminism gain a foothold. Peter and John and Paul were manly leaders. Woe to the church when women take over the reigns of leadership. The feminization of the word of God will follow.

I have attended the churches where women were the pastors and the entire atmosphere is a mere parody of what a vibrant Christian church should be. Christianity is not a feminine religion and the Bible is not a feminine document. The apostle Paul recognized this and that is the basis of his very wise counsel regarding the place of women in ministry. There are many places for women to minister but it is not in the pulpit and in teaching positions in mixed settings. Liberals laugh at this fact, but the state of the liberal Protestant denominations is the fruit of feminism.